We Are Eddie and Adele Neupert. We live in Lafayette, Louisiana, USA with our Vizslas. We have had Vizslas since 1993 and compete with them in shows, obedience, agility, hunting tests, field trials, and NAVHDA tests. We also hunt with them for quail, woodcock, doves, ducks, rabbits, and pheasants. This website is about our adventures with our Vizslas.

Vizsla Agility Vizsla Hunt Test Vizsla Pheasant


We are members of the Vizsla Club of America, Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club, Tampa Bay Vizsla Club, Emerald Coast Vizsla Club and founding members of the South Louisiana Vizsla Club. Eddie and Adele are lifetime members of the National Rifle Association and Adele is a lifetime member of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association and the Lone Star Texas NAVHDA Chapter. We are sponsors of the Ruffed Grouse Society.

Adele served on the board of directors of the Vizsla Club of America for several years and is a current board member of the VCA Welfare Foundation. Adele was the founding president of the South Louisiana Vizsla Club and Eddie served on the board of the SLVC for many years.


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