BISS DC GCH Egri Vermilion Vlyhtr Carter, JH NAVHDA NA Prize 1

was bred to

CH Annian's Rockin' The Fields Jagger, JH


Jagger's Health Information:

OFA Hips - VZ-11367G30M-VPI

OFA Elbows VZ-EL1067M30-VPI

OFA Cardiac VZ-CA285/51M/C-VPI

OFA Thyroid VZ-TH555/51M-VPI

Von Willebrand 106 (Hemolife)

CHIC # 72075

DNA # V510118

AKC Registration # SR390017/01

Date of Birth: November 11, 2006

CERF VZ-347960

Jagger's Sire is CH Annian's Rocket's Red Flare, CD SH RAE VC

Jagger's Dam is CH Valley Hunter What the Haley, MH


These pups should have very good conformation as well as very good field/hunting ability.

If you are looking for a dual champion prospect, a puppy from this litter may be for you.

Carter & Jagger Puppies

Born February 17, 2012

February 13, 2012

Carter on Neupoint Pond dock 4 days before puppies arrive.

February 14, 2012

Carter 3 days before on the living room rug.

Friday, February 17, 2012

The puppies arrive beginning at 5:15 AM. Five were born at home, the others need some help from Dr. Tanya. 2 girls and 6 boys! Carter did a great job whelping some really big boys.

February 19

Began the Early Neurological Stimulation Program, aka "Superdog" Program with the puppies.

February, 20

Tails and Dewclaws done by Dr. Tanya.

February 22

Imprinted puppies with scent of woodcock wing.

13 Days Old

Lisa visits to help start the Puppy Prodigy Program. Lesson 1, follow a finger dipped in milk.

2 Weeks

Sean and Jennifer visit.

2 Weeks

The Perrys visit.


2 Weeks

Lavender girl. The puppies have started to open their eyes.

2 Weeks

Rainbow girl. They are starting to growl, bark and play for very short periods.

2 Weeks

Plaid boy. He is still the smallest boy. They are starting to wobble-walk, but still fall over quite a bit.

3.5 Weeks

Their first meal.

3.5 Weeks

Playing in Whelping Box


3.5 Weeks


3.5 Weeks

Blue Plaid Face - He was the first born, and inherited his grandfather, Ike's cowlick between his eyes.

3.5 Weeks

Rainbow Girl Face

3.5 Weeks

Orange Crush Face

3.5 Weeks

Davis, and his soccer friends visit the puppies.

3.5 Weeks

Puppies start sleeping outside of their whelping box.

3.5 Weeks

Puppies playing outside of whelping box. Introduced the Potty Pan.

3.5 Weeks

Lavender Girl's Face

3.5 Weeks

Blue Boy poses on the kitty bridge. Mom, Carter and brother, Abe watch.

3.5 Weeks

Lavender Girl and Orange Crush practice syncronized yawning.





Red 4 Weeks wearing his puppy check cord.


4 Week old Chow Down Brown kissing up to mom.


Light Blue 4 Weeks sleeping near the protective paw of mom.

Puppies, 4 Weeks old (L to R) Green, Orange, Purple/Lavender. Red in the back. Green, 4 Weeks. Puppies, 4 Weeks (L to R) Rainbow Girl, Green, Red, Purple, Brown. With Light Blue in the background.



Five Weeks - The puppies have learned how to negotiate the doggie door.


The Puppies are 5 Weeks, they know how to recall to a whistle!

5 Weeks

Carter teaches bite control to the puppies. Those teeth are sharp!

5 Weeks

Cindy and James visit.

5 Weeks

The puppies are playing outdoors a lot and are pooped out. They are asking to go outside to potty. And they are using their potty pan the majority of the time, YIPEE!


5 Weeks wearing their puppy check cords!

6 Weeks

Green Stacking himself.

6 Weeks

Red and Light Blue play tug.

6 Weeks

Red curled up in his favorite sleeping spot, the little turtle booster seat.









The Quincy/Jake puppies are here!

They were born on Saturday, May 29, 2010

at a little after midnight via caesarean section.

Five males!

Quincy is a great mom!

Quincy with her 5 boys! Quincy waiting at the vet while her pups have their tails and dewclaws done. Dr. Tanya with Quincy and the pups after tails and dewclaws. Quincy is counting to make sure all 5 boys are there!


Quincy/Jake boys 10 days old. Quincy with her 10 day old pups. Red snoozing at 10 days old.
Maria Braud, the puppie's first visitor at 2 weeks old. The boys asleep, 2 weeks. The boys, 2 weeks nursing.
Blue Jeans head 2 weeks. He has his great-grandfather, Ike's, cowlick between his eyes. Big Red One head 2 weeks. He has a short cowlick between his eyes. Green Beans head 2 weeks.
Big Brown head 2 weeks, his eyes were the first to fully open Orange Spike head 2 weeks Big Brown walking 2 weeks


Happy 3 week birthday! The pups got some new flooring, and toys for their birthday!

3 Weeks

Brown's first play bow!

3 Weeks

Blue and Red asleep on Ali Gator.

3 Weeks

Red & Blue playing with their new toys.

3 Weeks

The pups playing.

3 Weeks

Green and Blue playing with Spot.

3 Weeks

Green Beans exploring the new rubber flooring.

3 Weeks

Eddie with Big Brown/LeBrown.

3 Weeks

Green Beans playing with Quincy.


4 Weeks

Puppies first meal

4 Weeks

Puppies first trip outside

4 Weeks

Can 2 fit into cube?

4 Weeks

Blue Jeans gets a bite inhibition lesson from mamma Quincy.

4 Weeks

Debbies visits with LeBrown.

4 Weeks

The Alexander's visit. Grandpa Grant supervises.

4 Weeks

Redbone attempts to climb.

4 Weeks

Pups play and eat.

4 Weeks

Orange-Spike balances, while Redbone kills the toy.

4 Weeks

Pups moved out of the whelping box into a big dog crate. Spot the stuffed puppy helps make the transition easier. Spot was Abe's surrogate littermate.

4 Weeks

Green Beans blances on the kitty toy.

4 Weeks

Orange-Spike uses the puppy potty pan on his own. Blue Jeans, LeBrown, and Redbone have all used it on their own as well.



4 1/2 Weeks

Redbone thinking about going through the doggie door.

4 1/2 Weeks

Redbone giving a big effort to get inside with LeBrown assisting!

4 1/2 Weeks

Redbone almost in, LeBrown amazed!

4 1/2 Weeks

Redbone tumbles inside leaving LeBrown asking "Where did Redbone go?"

4 1/2 Weeks

Redbone reapears saying, "Hey bros did ya'll see what I did?" Really he was trying to get back out!

4 1/2 Weeks

Rebone asleep after all that climbing. Can you see the short cowlick between his eyes?

5 Weeks


5 Weeks

Abe brought the JQ pups his favorite playtoy, one of my socks.

5 Weeks


5 Weeks

LeBrown in the cube

5 Weeks

Blue Jeans in the play set

5 1/2 Weeks

Orange made the play set a hammock and took a nap in it! What a clever boy.




5 1/2 Weeks

Green Beans sitting in the back yard.

5 1/2 Weeks

Green Beans smelling the flowers in the back yard.

5 1/2 Weeks

Blue Jeans sitting in the back yard with a leaf in his mouth.


March 2010

CH AFC Sansouci Vermilion Quincy, SH, VC, NAVHDA NA Prize 1


was bred to

FC AFC Totem Jake's Seaside Martini, JH, NAVHDA NA Prize 1


Puppies due the end of May!

Contact us if you are interested in a puppy from this litter.

Jake's Page

Jake Stats

DOB: April 10, 2007

AKC Registration Number - SR41770603

OFA Hips - VZ-11322E25M-VPI Excellent

OFA Elbows - EL1047M25-VPI Normal

OFA Thyroid - TH396/25M-VPI Normal

OFA Cardiac - CA243/35M/C-VPI-Echo

CERF - VZ-1017

CHIC - 64261

Jake's Sire: BISS DC AFC Triad's Dry Martini, CD MH VC

Jake's Dam: BISS DC AFC Red Oak Totem From Snowridge, AX AXJ OF MH




The inaugural litter of Vermilion Vizslas is planned for Spring 2009.

CH Egri Vermilion Vlyhtr Carter, JH, NAVHDA NA Prize 1 - "Carter"

was bred to

FC Rimfire's Cool Hand Luke, JH - "Luke"

Puppies are Due April 12/13, 2009...Easter Puppies!

Luke Information


# 1 VCA Top Ten Puppy/Derby for 1998 with 568 points

Winner of the VCA National Derby 1998 (38 starters)

FC title with two 5 point majors and a 3 point major

Luke Offspring

#1, #4, #5, & #8 VCA Top Ten Puppy/Derby in 2003

Winner and 2nd place - VCA National Puppy in 2002

Winner and 4th place - VCA National Derby in 2003

One Dual Champion

Luke Stats

DOB: June 17, 1997

AKC #: SN45275308

OFA Hips: VZ-6450G26M-T (Good)

Luke's Sire: DC AFC Riverbend Deacon's Dandy, CD, VC, ROM, HOF

Luke's Dam: CH Keystone's Upwind Indulgence, SH

Luke's Grandsires: DC Rebel Rouser ET, ROM, HOF and CH Valhi's Stick To Your Guns, CD, VC, HOF


Carter and Luke Puppies Pedigree

Carter produced a very special litter of ONE puppy on Wednesday, April 15, 2009. "Abe" was born at 1:15 pm via caesarean section and came out screaming "I'm here and I want food!" He weighed 1 pound 6 oz at birth. Abe and Carter on Friday, April 17 with his two surrogate littermates, Allie and Bunny. This is two day old Abe sleeping on the heating pad with his surrogate littermates, Allie and Bunny.
Eddie holding Abe on his one week birthday with Carter closely watching. Abe weighed 2 pounds 5 oz tonight. His tail and dewclaws were done when he was 3 days old. We started the Biosensor Program with him when he was 4 days old. Carter and Abe resting on Abe's new surrogate littermate, Spot the puppy. Abe was 10 days old today and weighed 3 pounds 0.5 oz tonight. Ten day old Abe loves resting on top of Spot. As Mary Englebright says "Everyone Needs Their Own Spot".
Happy Two Week Birthday, Abe! He weighed 4 pounds tonight! Here's Looking At You! Abe starting to play with mom, gumming her ear!
Abe 2 weeks with grandma, Adele Abe 2 weeks with grandpa, Eddie Abe's first visitor, our neighbor, Cydney, with Carter supervising.
Abe 3.5 weeks in his new play pen pointing his first bird! Abe 3.5 weeks Abe profile 3.5 weeks
Abe checking out the garden at 4 weeks old Four week old Abe on the porch Abe's exploration of the back yard at 4 weeks
Agile Abe at 4.5 weeks negotiating the doggie door. Almost there. Abe tumbles inside.
Five week old Abe's first tentative point of a quail. A little later, he's getting that pointing style. Now, that is a nice point for 5 week old Abe.
Abe 6 weeks Abe 6 weeks Abe 6 weeks
VizslaPuppy7Wks VizslaPuppy7Weeks VizslaMalePuppy7Wks
Abe 7.5 Weeks Abe 7.5 Weeks Abe 7.5 Weeks







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