Reagan's Page

CH Egri Vermilion Edes Reagan, JH

Sire: CH Egri I Like Ike, CDX, MH, AX, OAJ, VC, ROM

Dam: CH Egri Edes Lila



Vizsla Puppy Vizsla Vizsla Show
Baby Reagan. DOB 7/17/2000 Reagan pointing quail in Oklahoma. Photo by Ned Haight. Reagan winning BOB. She won a Sporting Group 4 from the bred by class when she was just 19 months old.

OFA Hips Excellent VZ-7938E29F-PI 
OFA Elbows Normal  VZ-EL269F29-PI
  OFA Thyroid Normal    VZ-TH87/47F-PI
OFA Cardiac Normal  VZ-CA17/20F/C-PI
Von Willebrand Factor Normal 124% (Cornell)

  CERF Normal
CHIC 27050
DNA V167956

Vizsla Quail Hunting Vizsla Quail Hunting Vizsla Hunting
Reagan pointing a covey of quail in Spur, TX, November 2001. She was 15 months old. Reagan delivering a quail to hand. Reagan honoring her dad's point. She had a natural honor.
Vizsla Quail Hunging Vizsla Quail Hunting Vizsla Quail Hunting
Reagan retrieving a quail in Alice, TX, Jan. 2003. Reagan pointing a covey in Alice, TX, Feb. 2004. Reagan retrieving a bobwhite in Alice, TX, Feb. 2004.

We lost Reagan to valley fever on November 23, 2004.

We really miss her.

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